Student testimonials

Some personal testimonials from some of Gail's students about how they have benefited from studying the Alexander Technique with Gail.

The level of benefits that students obtain from the Alexander Technique obviously varies from person to person and depends on the nature of their problems, with some students finding the methods are more effective at helping them than others. However, you will see from these testimonials that for some of them studying Alexander Technique with Gail has been nothing short of 'life changing'.

When Gail originally approached a hundred of her former students for comments, and for permission to publish those comments, every single one responded. In the 'Benefits of the Alexander Technique' section of this website you can read the complete comments from them, in the students' own words, and see how they feel that working with Gail has helped them address a wide range of physical, emotional and psychological problems.

Back problems

"Within 6 weeks of starting Alexander Technique with Gail, I no longer needed the painkillers. The pain in my back has completely gone and my back is much stronger. I now feel freer, younger and more empowered. I completed my Alexander Technique course two years ago; I know how to look after my back and I've had no problems since then."

- Sue B, Civil Servant. read more

Knee and Ankle problems

"After several injuries to my knees and ankles, I had to give up work and was told nothing could be done and I was to curtail my life according to my disabilities. I felt old before my time and could not walk more than 800 yards on the flat; hills were out of the question. I was close to becoming disabled for life.

Now after Alexander Technique, my life is back to normal! I can walk for a couple of hours along the rough and hilly coastal path and I really enjoy it. Before, I couldn't have contemplated lifting and moving objects in bulk, but now I'm starting up my own business. I felt I was written off but now I feel I have a new lease of life and am even starting judo!"

- John, Small Business Proprietor. read more

Neck and Shoulder problems

"From the age of 18 (and I now have 5 grown-up children), I have been back and forth to various doctors for the pain in both shoulders, in my neck and in my lumbar spine. I've had all sorts of treatment, painkillers and physio and nothing has worked. In the end I had to stop work altogether a year ago...

And then just within a few weeks of starting Alexander Technique with Gail, I am just so much improved and am back to work. I don't have the shoulder pain or the neck pain I had and my lumbar spine is a lot freer. "

- Jane M, Aromatherapist and Ex-Radiographer. read more

Performing Arts - Acting

Gail is an ideal teacher for performance issues, as she is such an open and communicative person. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gail Barlow's work to any theatre or performance group or to any individual seeking one-to-one help.

In the end, Alexander Technique is great value for money; people don't think twice about spending money on their car or their hair, but this has a lasting effect on the body and mind forever, saving pain and distress and lost time.

- Joan Mills, Theatre Director and Fellow in Voice and Performance at Aberystwyth University. read more

Performing Arts - Musicians and Singers

Having seen and participated in Gail's classes, I would unconditionally recommend instrumentalists and singers to attend her courses. In my opinion her work is extremely relevant and valuable for all performers.

- Trevor Tomkins, Professor of Jazz at the Royal Academy of Music and at the Guildhall School of Music, London. read more

Performing Arts - Dancers

After doing the Alexander Technique my dancing felt different in an amazing way! I felt more grounded and yet free-er and lighter at the the same time. I felt as if different parts of me had reconnected and were working together beautifully as nature had designed. I felt whole and able to dance freely connected to the floor, my partner and the music.

- Francesca Creighton Griffiths, Tango Dancer. read more


The effect lessons with Gail have had on me has been fantastic. As an Osteopath, I have been able to work together with Gail on patients, to achieve deeper results. Simply put, my Osteopathic treatments adjust the tension levels of the patient's body, so that it is more pliable when Gail is then teaching correct bio-mechanical use to achieve correct posture and prevent further symptoms.

- Owain, Osteopath. read more


I decided to try Alexander Technique because I was becoming increasingly disabled by osteoarthritis in my knees. A walking stick was a few months away and I faced the real possibility of having to move from the home I loved and ending up in a wheelchair within a couple of years. Now, after completing the course, at 58 I am more mobile than I have been for twenty years, I can stand comfortably for an hour or so if I have to, and walking for a couple of hours is a pleasure, not an impossibility.

- Ceridwen L-M, Cultural Historian and Critic. read more


The main reason I started Alexander Technique was preventative. I think it is important to keep supple and fit as I go into older age and fitness involves keeping more comfortable.

...the difference of lightness, energy and easy mobility in my everyday life makes me feel younger physically and mentally and more relaxed emotionally. I didn't expect to have the added benefit of all the mental relaxation and sense of well-being I have experienced. It hasn't been a sudden transformation. It takes time but it is a very worthwhile commitment because once you've felt the difference, you don't want to go back to the ageing way things were before!

- Faith, Artist. read more

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