Private Alexander Technique Sessions

Gail offers individual Alexander Technique sessions at her clinics on Mondays and Wednesdays at The Wellness Complementary Health Centre in Northallerton in North Yorkshire. A preliminary assessment and introductory session is advised in order to determine the suitability of the work to an individual's needs.

One-to-one sessions are the most usual and obviously the most effective method of learning the Technique, since 100% personal verbal and 'hands-on' attention can be given to the individual and to their problems/needs. At the end of the course, revision CDs are available for the student's ongoing development.

People come to Alexander Technique for a variety of reasons, including issues with backs, necks, joints, mental and emotional stress, issues with activities like computer-use, gardening, horseriding, playing golf, etc. They may also come with issues associated with playing an instrument, singing, acting or dancing.

Private sessions are £39 for half an hour.

For further information and comments about one-to-one sessions, please see the Benefits of AT section.
For performance-related issues, please see the Performing Arts page.

Some student comments:

"Gail is a very patient, sincere and approachable teacher - a naturally warm person who is comfortable to be with. She has a professional care and understanding of a student's problems and works very much on the personal level, i.e. applying Alexander Technique to my life and to my problems. I felt I could rely on her and trust her implicitly - essential for real progress.

Peter, Sculptor

"Gail looks at the person as an individual and tailors the work accordingly. She takes a holistic overview and is vivacious, enthusiastic, caring and supportive. Her hands are both calming and energising and are in tune with the individual's needs. She has the most delightful manner, which meant that with her support I felt I could reach my potential."

Judy, Fundraiser

"The difference of lightness, energy and easy mobility in my everyday life makes me feel younger physically and mentally and more relaxed emotionally. It hasn't been a sudden transformation. It takes time but it is a very worthwhile commitment because once you've felt the difference, you don't want to go back to the ageing way things were before!"

Faith, Artist

For more information and comments about Gail's teaching, please go to the comprehensive 'People's Stories page' page.

Gail Barlow AIL DipM MSTAT 01748 884450

Teacher of the Alexander Technique in Northallerton